Monday, March 21

The engadget podcast is back!

8031584382658027Haha! My absolutely favorite podcasts is back! This was the podcast that got me hooked on podcasting in the first place, and I am happy. The last episode was December 29th, and I've still recieve no appology and no explanation from the Engadget crew. Some nerve! ;P

I have yet to listen to it this episode and the anticipation is killing me, but since I had a little scoop it would be out this morning I set a side some time to clear my head and listen to it on my morning ride. Maybe I'll even give a little review when I get back.

Cheers to the new host Eric Rice!

Wireless, wireless, everywhere. Ryan Block shares highlights from the CTIA wireless expo; retail anticipation on the PSP; should you get an extended warranty?; a trip down memory lane from Playstation Magazine; and of course, the new kid in class.

Link: Engadget Podcast.23 03.21.2005 - Podcasts -

BTW, Because some of you, (all 140 of my subscribers), may not still be subsribed to the Engadget Podcast after these many months, I'm going to be really evil and re-podcast this puppy.

If you're new to subscribing and podcasting and what I just said made no sense to you can subscribe to my feed or simply check out the wikipedia article.

Listen: eng20050320_0023.mp3
(29:06, 6.6 MB, MP3)

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