Friday, March 25

Hurra Torpedo - Total Eclipse of the Heart - perhaps the best music video ever

hurraSome may disagree with me, but I think there is substantial evidence that what follows may well be the best music video ever. ;) For me this is what video blogging and new media was made for. When I see stuff like this it makes everything I do in new media worthwhile. Yes, it may sound silly, but I feel that strongly about how much this kicks ass. Gems like this don't come along that often, I'm very pleased I could share this with you. Enjoy.

"Two of my most favorite things in the world are covers of terrible 80's pop songs and abused kitchenware.

As you can imagine, it's a bit difficult for things like this to come together in a coherent or successful fashion.

Enter Hurra Torpedo."

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Photos and more info: Duplex Records

Details: This is a tribute by Hurra Torpedo a Swedish band to Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart", on the Norwegian TV show, "Lille Lørdag" which translates to "little saturday" and is very similar to Saturday Night Live. From what I can find it was shot in 1995 and the group disbanded soon after but supposedly get together yearly for tours in Norway. According to the Duplex Records website below they have a record out called Stockholm and supposedly have recorded 11-15 songs on their studio of home kitchen appliances.


I don't know about you but I have ripped the Quicktime version of the music video to an MP3 in iTunes and am addicted to the haunting voice of the lead singer as he sings "bright eyes". It's to bad the website is completely in Norwegian. If anyone can read Norwegian, please post any additional information you can translate. If I may suggest it to any ambitious individuals, putting up and English site might be most profitable, I will provide hosting or any assistance necessary to promote this work, please email hurra-torpedo [at] or simply leave a comment.

Twelve years and a bigger hit than ever. I is possible there might on day be interest enough for a US tour? I wonder if the rest of their musical repertoire is anywhere near this good. I'd also love to hear about more of their work. Time to break down some more of those mass-mediated barriers.

A special thanks to these sources:

Another Word for Nerd - Blog Archive - Best Music Video Ever

Quote from: The Boorish Blog of Rev. Hughes

Leave a word of support on Duplex's message board: :: Vis Temaet - Hurra Torpedo


Zadi said...

that was a helluva crazy video. who would have known a stove could be a musical instrument.

Anonymous said...

wow, just wow, that was amazing, that is pure talent

Anonymous said...

I've been able to locate one or two of their original songs. Although the songs are not complete, and one is a live cover of "these boots are made for walking", they are amazing. I'm currently looking for info on how I could go about getting "Stockholm" or book them on some sort of North American tour.

These dudes are AMAZING. If you're interested in hearing the two songs I have, add me to
AIM- indeednothing


Anonymous said...

Do you think about radiator as a xylophone?

juat an ideaa :D

This is the best clip!

kitchenfeeling yes!!!

we want more :)

Anonymous said...

Not Swedes!

Anonymous said...

Actually, they're Norwegian.
One of the bands from Duplex Records.

And boy have these guys (about 10 of them) started a lot of bands, some of them highly successful. Actually they have so many bands, they're doing festivals all on their own. In addition to home parties and stuff.

A lot of you may remember the band 'The Cumshots', featuring live sex on the stage performed by 'Fuck for Forest' on the Quart Festival 2004. You guessed it, the same guys.

My message is, these guys are all Norwegian. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Latest news on Hurra Torpedo. A norwegian newspaper announced that they are going on a US tour. They Starts in New York shortly and are doing 11-12 gigs all the way to Los Angeles.
Source (Norwegian):

Anonymous said...

Hurra Torpedo played at the SPIN magazine's 20th anniversary party at Webster Hal, New York - 29 September 2005.

Some pictures from their gig.

Anonymous said...

lots of footage from an american documentary about their US tour: