Friday, March 25

Beatallica-thon - Hey Dude

Well, my self conducted Beatallica-thon may be over, and Beatallica's website may not be back online, but the music, it is a returning. I've finally located the song I was looking for, "Hey Dude", the parody of the Beatles "Heh Jude" done in Beatallica's loving Meatallica style. I am quite pleased, but won't be fully pleased untill returns in all its former glory. My lighter burns for thee.

Beatallica - 06 - Hey Dude.mp3
(7:40min, 192 Kbit/s, 10.53 MB, MP3 audio/mpeg Object)

Better yet you there is a mother lode of beatallica mp3's at the following url.
MetaFilter Music: Beatallica

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