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Beatles-Metallica (and Lars Ulrich!) vs. Sony/ATV - Lars Rules

Lars Ulrich has big respect from me. Not only did Metallica stand boldly in a very, very unpopular position against Napster, but I just heard today on NPR from Lars Ulrich's own mouth that they do not approve of their record label (correction: Sony own's the Beatles backlog, not Metallica's), Sony going after Beatallica with cease and desist letters. I believe his exact words were:

...it was like 'I can score some brownie points with my boss or something by like squashing these poor people like mesquitos'
-- Lars Ulrich on Sony vs. Beatallica

Forgive my poor transcription I may have missed some "likes" and "huhs". :)

Beatallica has gained huge popularity for their highly creative Beatles / Metallica mixed cover tunes in the last month. I do not not if they've used actual snippets or source from the Metallica albums, but I highly doubt it. They are known for making their own highly original and very funny renditions such as Heh Dude, a clear parody of the Beatles Heh Jude. Clearly they ARE a parody band.

I guess the question here is as such. As the popularity of remix culture increases and money, even profit, flows into it will there be a limit to the fair use clause, parody or no parody?

Clearly, Lars Ulrich stands right in the midst of the debate, and clearly to this point you have to respect this guy. He's not playing favorites. He could have easily ignored Sony's latest unconscionable acts of greed. He certainly could have ignored Napster, but he stood up for what he believed was right.

But, don't get me started on Sony and the issue digital music. This is not the first greedy stunt they've pulled and let's not even talk about how their comparatively tiny IP business has been allowed to completely pervert their hardware business costing them untold millions and even billions. Go ask Cory Doctorow about that, I believe he's given many speeches to that fact. Each one with more resonance than the last. Here's my cliff notes:

Dude, Where's your Sony ATRAK?


You're Sony Walkman?



Oh, you mean my iPod !!!

---end of conversation!

Sony's story goes well beyond, stuborness it's called greed, arogance, fear, and even incompetence. Sony's got it all in spades. For more of these fine qualities see your nearest mega media conglomerate.

Now, if only we can get NPR to do more podcasting! Then I could actually link to a real clip and you could be listening about Sony's incopetence on your iPod. Now that would be cool.

Enjoy here: 20050315_day_09.rm (WARNING: Real Streaming Media, icky!)

From: NPR : Beatles-Metallica Parody Band Forced Offline by whom else but Xeni Jardin!

Hmm... You think she's got an agenda?

Everything is almost right in the world today. : )

"A Milwaukee-based parody band known for Metallica-infused covers of Beatles' songs has been accused of violating copyright laws.

After posting songs from their catalog online, the band received a cease-and-desist letter from Sony/ATV Music Publishing demanding that they take down their Web site and pay unspecified damages. The band had gained a large Internet following for songs like 'I Want to Choke Your Band' and 'Leper Madonna.'

While Beatallica considers its legal options, its site remains offline. But thousands of fans -- including Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich -- are rallying behind the band. Day to Day technology correspondent Xeni Jardin reports."

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