Tuesday, March 15

Beatallica-thon - my very own celebration of Beatallica's new found liberty!

Ha! I'm just having to much fun tonight. I blogged my last post at about 3 or 4pm before even going to check out Boing Boing. I should have known. Apparently I was listening to Beatallica's dilemma on NPR at 3pm in the afternoon and Xeni Jardin had already posted an update to her own NPR story at 11:32am saying it had all but been resolved and that Beatallica.org would be back online within the week, with a new song!

Well I can't wait.

Sooo... I'm in the mood to listen to some "Lepper Madonna", how about you! Fudge it. I'm going to celebrate by podcasting every damn Beatallica song I can find for the next 24 hours. I suspect it may only be six or seven, but that's more than I've got right now. I think we'll call it the Beatallica-thon. Everyone, please feel free to join in. Let's do this ad-hock style. Post whatever mp3's you can, host what you can, bittorrent what you can, share whatever, whenever you can, how ever you can. Beatallica hath been set free!

First, I'm kicking this off with the Classic Metal Show Interview from 2/19 with Beatallica front-man Jaymz:
(8.6mb audio/mpeg)

From: Webfeed Central - Trying For My Own Cease-and-Desist Order

Quote below from: Boing Boing: Xeni on NPR: Beatallica back, thanks to Lars Ulrich, fair use crusader.

"On the NPR program 'Day to Day' today, I report on Beatallica, the Milwaukee-based parody band known for Metallica-infused covers of Beatles songs. As reported previously here on Boing Boing, Sony Music accused them of violating copyright laws, demanded that their webmaster pay 'unspecified damages,' and forced the band's ISP to shut down their website.

The band known for tunes such as 'I Want to Choke Your Band' and 'Leper Madonna' reached out to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Thanks to his efforts, Beatallica will soon be back online, and the legal debacle over. Ulrich volunteered to provide assistance with legal negotiations for Beatallica, and asked Metallica's longtime attorney Peter Paterno to try and defuse the situation with Sony on behalf of the dudes from Milwaukee. And now, Sony has agreed to drop the case."

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