Friday, February 4

Rockfish - a sweet animated film short

2650473A vert nicely done nine minute animated film short. Let me know if you like this stuff by leaving a comment. I need feedback. ;)
(9min / 20.2mb / Quicktime)

A miner in a distant galaxy goes fishing for the creatures that plague his planet. Shortlisted for an Oscar nom!

From: Midnight Classic: Rockfish ? iGuide ? Studio i638

I clearly don't have enough information on this one. If anyone has any more info I'd be very pleased if you could post it in my comments.

Update courtesy of an anonymous commenter: The video is from Blur Studios, more onformation here: Gopher Broke - an academy award nominated animated short by Blur Studios.


Anonymous said...

That stuff is awesome. Real artists at work there.


Anonymous said...

I really liked this film short. More please :D

Jay Dedman said...

this is like the best sci-fi i it a whole movie?
quiet living on a quiet rick somewhere.
this is how space will be.
(did i ever tell you im obesses by getting inot space?)

Anonymous said...

George said...

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