Monday, February 7

Muppets Over Time - an amazing computer animated film short

index228x140muppetsovertime05Title: Over Time (Short)
Directed By: Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrie
Music: Inconsolable by the Silberman Orchestra
Music: ' shien vi di l'vone', ' eli eli ' by Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony
Air Date: 2004
Time: 00:01:21.03

Watch it: (6.1mb video/quicktime Object)

Muppets Over Time is a quirky little Quicktime movie that showcases the artistic talents of someone who obviously loves the Muppets and Kermit in particular. The movie is done in a very jocular black-and-white style and appears to be computer animated. It features wonderfully light-hearted orchestral music and crazy, Kermit-esque muppets en masse. Oh, and a balding, older gentlema who is potentially dead.

I absolutely adored it.

Joey Tomatoes, a site that showcases quirky and innovative ads, is the originator of the movie, if not the creator.

Via: Mostly Muppet Dot Com - Muppets Overtime

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Anonymous said...

The movie was recently updated because the section that Joey Tomatoes had posted was only the second of three acts. The entire thing is fascinating and wonderful.