Monday, January 3

"The World's Youngest Video Blogger"

recordplayerI'm in a big hurry this morning, but this is just to funny not to blog about. I saw the original video blog clip of Dylan Verdi, "the world's youngest blogger" when it crossed my podcast feed last week via the video feed, but I just saw today that Dylan Verdi has within a week gone from her first video blog post to a nationwide star as the "youngest video blogger". As they say it's all about luck and timing, although she certainly has some charisma.

It's an amazing story and one sure to put a smile on your face. The video linked to below that her dad put together sumarizes up the whole thing quite well. It's a must see.

Watch it: Michael Verdi's QuickTime movie about the event (streaming QuickTime video)

More information:

Link to Dylan Verdi's blog: Youngest Videoblogger In The World!

Quote about the video from her father's blog (
Well, it's been a crazy week and half at our house. I put this video together yesterday to quickly sum up how Dylan went from anonymous 11 year old blogger to "The Youngest Videoblogger In The World." It's an example of the velocity and sometimes arbitrary nature of media attention. In the end, what I'm excited about is that she's having fun with videoblogging and has come up with something really wonderful she'd like to do this next year. So watch the video and you'll see what I'm talking about. And if you're reading this and somehow didn't find Dylan's website first, here are some links.

Podcasting note: I doubt this will podcast well because it's not a self contained Qucktime video (its streaming QT) but we'll see. It's worth a try.

Via: Boing Boing: She used up all my darned bandwidth!

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