Friday, December 31 - Photos and Videos from the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami.

I'm not 100% certain of the intentions of this website, but it could be a VERY good thing so I will reserve judgement and recommed it for those still seeking understanding. - Photos and Videos from the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami.

"... our mission objective is to bring you to you the latest in multimeida updates on the happenings of the asia tsumani crisis.

This site is updated hourly, sometimes every ten minutes with new content so check back often.

I am after any video footage or photos from the Tsunami and the aftermath, if you spot something else where which I dont have get incontact with me and I'll put it up here.

If you have personal photos which you have taken of the aftermath please get incontact with me, I'll host them for you free of charge."

It's extremely important right now that we have as diverse and rich a debate as possible and that everyone should have access to it regardless of their geographical or economic situations. Especially first hand accounts which humanize the situation as opposed to such abstractions as the little clips and slices shown on the nightly news. I'm really glad video blogging, bittorrent, and podcasting were here for this, they've done a lot of good, though it is very clear they have a very long way to go. We're seeing new kinds of interactions between the traditional press and new media. I just hope in the future there are more ways for the general public to contribute than just money. Make sure you donate through a credible source such as the Red Cross.

One last thought. The future is a, set up on the spot with not only rich media but several podcasting channels and original content and commentary from people on location. There's no reason a media outlet will not be able to spring up in the near future for individual incidents and then disolve when no longer necissary. Think of it as smart mobs for smart media.

Check out the site: - Photos and Videos from the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami.

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