Monday, January 31

Scent of a Robot, the music video by Pete Miser - more fun geekery

showNTell_video_robotWhile New York Hip Hop artist Pete Miser is not technically nerdcore just because of this one video and therefore this post technically has nothing to do with the last nerdcore post, I still really enjoyed this geeky music video romp with its "I'm a robot" corus. Besides what could be more nerdcore than a robot that doesn't know it's a robot. (15.5mb Quicktime)

If you enjoyed that you also might enjoy this music video: (10.6mb Quicktime)

More videos and MP3s available at: - show & tell

Alright, alright, it?s officially ON! The video for Scent Of A Robot is finished and now, magically, people are e-mailing me from places that we haven?t even sent it yet. (How did it get on TV in England? Oh, I mean, on ?the telly? in England?) If you haven?t seen it, go to the Show&Tell/Video of this site, click and go make some toast while it downloads! Again, I have to give props to UV Phactory for hooking it up. Brilliant

To kick off the promotion of this video, I am throwing a video premiere party at Sugar in Tribeca. Coincidence number one: Sugar is the first place I did a solo show in New York. Coincidence number two: The party is on my birthday, February 2.

If you go to the premiere send me a pic or something.

Via: Scent of a Robot by Pete Miser

Update: I just noticed Gizmodo also posted about this music video.
I'm not quite sure what the overall message is of Pete Miser's new 'Scent of a Robot' video - I can't quite relate to someone who would think being an autonomous servant of the hegemony would be in any way negative. I can easily relate to robots that go home to drink a beer and watch DVDs, however, a promise on which this video quickly delivers.

From: Gizmodo : Robots Archives

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