Monday, January 31

Nerdcore - MC Hawking's Greatest Hits

row4From nerdcore hiphop artist McFrontalot comes the "undisputed king of theoretical gangsta astrophysics", Stephen (MC) Hawking. The following flash animation is sort of an ad for MCFrontalot's McH4wking album, and only the geekiest among you will find it truely hilarious, but I did so I'm posting it.

Watch it

Download it: hawkingcommercial.swf (1.6mb Flash Media)

If you like what you here you can check out, or download a couple tracks at: Stephen (MC) Hawking - "I said holes, not hoes. That's physics, not shizznits!"

Via: stereogum: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits

Update: First, there is an excellent article about nerdcore on

Second, nerdcore has press: The Guardian - Beware geeks bearing riffs

Third, as someone pointed out my the relationship between MC Frontalot and MC Hawking is not completely understood. All I know is the following.

a) The MC Hawking wikipedia article states "...MC Hawking's entire body of work and his imaginary rapper personality were created almost entirely by American web developer Ken Leavitt-Lawrence..."

b) There are numerous references on the MC Hawking bulletin boards about Mc Frontalot contributing lyrics to the MC Hawking album.

c) Mc Frontalot actually raps on the MC Hawking album, if only for one song.

This information is wholey inconclusive way or the other. Perhaps one of them will clarify, but otherwise I encourage everyone that if they can't find any real facts that perhaps we should just remind ourselves to enjoy it for what it is. A fun parody.


Anonymous said...

Awesome finds, before this the best nerdcore I could find was Cut Chemist rapping the periodic table.

Anonymous said...

hello! I do not post comments on people's blogs very often. I found your entry while looking at my ref logs (which is what I do before bed) and I am posting to say that MC Stephen Hawking is nice and I have met him and he beat me at Halo and we are in fact different people.