Thursday, January 13

iPod World - the bizzare world of ipod

bizzaro_ipodThis video been all over the web today. Primarily we can thank Gizmodo who posted it to their server as, but while they had the scoop they did not have all the info. The video is in fact already online over at, the group that created it for an end of the year TV show on the BBC called 2004: The Stupid Version.

Armando Iannucci rounds up 2004 with a look at the most memorable moments and images from the past year, re-edited in a totally off-the-wall way.

This sounds like the sort of show I'd love to see, anyone got a bittorent? There are several more videos in the series available on the Mantlpies site.

"Mantlepies were asked to write some sketches for Armando Iannucci's end of year TV show, 2004: The Stupid Version
Here are five that were chosen to go in:

Watch the video: (5.5mb)

More Videos: 2004: the stupid Version

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