Friday, January 14

Experimental Film - Homestar Runner meets They Might Be Giants

Experimental_filmThis music video has been out for months (since July, 13th 2004), but I just rediscovered it in the Video section of Apple's music store, so I thought I'd share it here. It combines two of my more favorite things, They Might Be Giants and Homestar Runner. Most excellent.

Watch it: TheyMightBeGiants-ExperimentalFilm-Conan.avi (51mb)

Alternate: TheyMightBeGiants-ExperimentalFilm-Conan.mpg (34mb)

Two great sources of information:

Experimental Film on This Might Be A Wiki

And there is a particularly interesting "fun facts" section on the Homestar Runner wiki:

Experimental Film - Homestar Runner Wiki

Quick tip: Did you know if you drag a video into iTunes you can quickly convert it to an mp3?

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