Tuesday, December 28

Home-Brew IPod Ad Opens Eyes

This Wired article is back from Deceber 13th. Since then I've seen this iPod ad cross my podcast feeds maybee a dozen times. The truth is I still pop it open every now and again. I can't get enough of it, it's even better then Apple's own ads. I expect it will resurge and be re-discovered many times as it crosses into different markets. It's just that good.

School teacher George Masters has the marketing world abuzz with a homemade ad for Apple Computer's iPod that is rapidly "going viral."

To some experts, Masters' ad heralds the future of advertising. Homemade ads will play a big part in marketing, just like blogging is shaking up the news.

...'It's a sign that consumers want to have a role in promoting a product they love,' he said. 'There's a real trend toward consumer-generated media. People are creating news, they're blogging. People will create marketing as well. This guy is a great example.'

Rubel cited the ongoing Spread Firefox campaign, a collective promotion of Mozilla's web browser that includes raising money to buy ad space in The New York Times.

Stories about customer evangelism abound, and word-of-mouth or 'buzz' marketing is seen as a big and growing part of advertising. But TV spots are new.

Read about it: Wired News: Home-Brew IPod Ad Opens Eyes

Watch the video(10.6mb QT)

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