Friday, December 3

Bush Arrested in Canada for War Crimes

bush_arrestlNo need to worry. Scammers aren't the only ones spoofing domain names this holiday season. Someone has so flawlessly spoofed CNN using the domain "" that it made me do a double take. There is in fact no disclaimer on the page, nothing that indentifies this as a spoof or says who is responsible. It'll be interesting to see how long it stays online and how much press it gets. - Bush Arrested in Canada for War Crimes

It looks like the spoofed page was lifted from the following REAL CNN / AP article on Bush's visit to Canada. - Canada braces for Bush protests - Nov 29, 2004

In other somewhat related news

I'm not sure what the relationship but there is another spoof that was put up at: AxisofLogic/ Political Satire

The Inquirer has the scoop on the Axis of Logic spoof at the followign url: Bush arrested in Canada

Now, just before you get all settled down and your blood pressure returns to normal I want to point out this editorial from the REAL Toronto Star which openly ponders wether Canada should in fact indict Bush. - Should Canada indict Bush?

Finally, A quick tip. Spoofing a website or email for the purposes gaining trust, decieving and/or harvesting personal information is called phishing. For more information on phishing check out Phishing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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