Wednesday, December 1

Broadcatcing - scott raymond's excellent introduction to Bittorrent and RSS

In reference to my very last post I was just rereading Scott Raymonds Bittorrent and RSS primer. There really is no better on all the web and I'm pretty widely read. Not even wikipedia has topped Scott's synopis and that's saying something. It not only explains the technology, but also why it's ao awesome.

Read it here: Broadcatching with BitTorrent - scottraymondnet 2004

BTW, Scott's article was written just about this time last year (Dec. 16th to be exact) and much of the promise has come true in the Azureus / RSSFeed Scanner Plugin combination as well in Podcasting applications like iPodder, IpodderX and Newsgator that are superb for transporting and automatically caching large amounts of rich media. I must say I've already thrown away the TV and am enjoying a far richer and a far more rewarding experience to. I never did much care for popular media anyway.

BTW, if you want to get up on using Azureus and RSS Phillip Torrone of Engadget fame has a great tutorial. While it appears to be long and technical, trust me it's not.

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