Thursday, December 30

Amateur Tsunami Video Footage Summary

I've had some comments about links breaking as happens with large content this important and in demand. This also creates quite a bit of confusion and people downloading things multiple times. So, I've borrowed's excellent video summaries and am going to add as many mirrors as possible. Look for this post to update quite often for the next few hours as I add links.

Fox News Channel with Xeni Jardin on blog coverage of the disaster
katc.wmv (3.4mb) - KATC,com footage - perhaps the most amazing of the clips - people stand on a balcony just feet above the raging torrent.
"According to Metro TV the amateur video footage was shot in Sumatra's provincial capital Banda Aceh shortly after the tsunami hit. It shows houses submerged in mud and sea water."
More information: KATC
thai.wmv (1.6mb) - short clip of incoming rush as people stand on hillside grass, presumeably in Phuket
phuket.wmv (11MB) - shot from inside a restaurant, waves engulf older couple clinging to railing before flooding entire room
patong_beach.wmv (10MB) - rooftop view of two huge waves battering buildings along shore, then flooding of city streets
sri_lanka.wmv (7MB) - upper balcony view of hotel swimming pool area getting flooded as observers run away; woman asks "how high will it go?" before retreating
koh_lanta_thailand.avi (11MB) - shot on beach level; watch as first wave grows and crashes, before cameraman's frantic retreat away from shore
koh-lanta.asf or tsunami1.asf (6.2 MB)
penang_beach.wmv (783kb) - shot from wall above beach, three men are caught in battering waves
sri_lanka_resort.wmv (WMV 6mb or AVI 7.6mb) - upper level hotel balcony; restaurant, pools, and deck flooded as people cling to trees; two men narrate what they see
sea-spills.mp4 (1.4 MB) Low quality, but scary...

Please Donate has a donations page for Red Cross. They have already collected $6.8 million as of this writing. Costs are expected to run in the 100's of billions of dollars.

Podcasting Issues

If you subscribe to my podcast feed you will get a copy of all these videos if you have not already. Unforetuneatly there is only one piece of content allowed per post in the RSS "enclosure" format. It is a short coming I have not been able to find a workaround for and many people are working on it for future RSS specs. I as well as others are also experimenting with bittorrent podcasts which would alleviate having to post mirrors and alleviate bandwidth issues. If you're interested swing over and check out Torrentocracy's Podigem Project and offer them words of encouragement on their beta service. It won't be long now till we're all able to share such content openly and legally without fear of getting swamped on bandwidth or for that matter unwarranted legal threats.

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