Wednesday, November 10

Video killed the radio star, video-casting killed the TV star

I don't see widespread evidence of it but I do see faint hints and glimpses from core people that they know the potential of podcasting is far larger than creating an alternative to radio broadcasting. This one isn't so subtle. Greg Reinacker creater of the NewGator RSS agregator has added the ability to compile video casting feeds (I've been using this feature in iPodderX for a few days now) and what's more he's even taking that content and casting it to his phone. He definitely is living in the future, or I should say the future is here it's just not well distributed yet.

Saturday evening's aggregator dinner was interesting. At one table existed about 75% of the RSS Aggregators. Jeff Clavier has the list of people who were there (that's not a complete list, just the folks who do aggregators).

Interesting thing that happened? Greg Reinacker, guy who wrote NewsGator, showed me his new Audiovox phone and explained that his aggregator can now listen for videos, in addition to podcasts, er audio enclosures in RSS feeds. He had West Wing on his phone. It compressed down to about 85 megabytes. Looked pretty good actually. He handed his phone around the table so everyone could get a look at it. I think he sold a couple more Audiovox phones right there.

Since Greg was sitting across from me, he also showed me the SmartPhone version of NewsGator. Gonna get that setup today.

Time will tell if I'm a fool or a genius and if video-casting will really do for TV what podcasting is doing for radio and what blogging has done for everything else. I've already said good bye to my TV not in anticipation either, but for what is here already. I guess we'll see what happens.

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Video killed the radio star, video-casting killed the TV star.

Hmm... I think I'll start a video-cast tomorrow containing nothing but non-stop music videos. Perhaps Adam Curry would be interesting in being the host. I think there might be just enough music videos online already that it simply dwarfs the size of MTV's playlist. I think I could not only duplicate their linup but then add five more channels, cost, $0? ...perhaps a little free time. It's a scarry thought, yes it is...

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