Wednesday, November 10

Gadget news - Universal digital camera 12x's converter

'Instant 12x zoom fits any compact camera.'

Think your camera doesn't get you close enough to the action? Then think again. This brilliant optical gadget gives any standard digital or 35mm compact a zoom lens that a tabloid paparazzi would give his right arm for. Zoom-X is an ingenious12x variable-focus mini zoom that locates securely in front of the camera's own lens. As long as your camera's got a threaded tripod hole underneath (and 99% do), the universal mount will fit! It even works with your camera's existing zoom; a fast thumbscrew mechanism lets it slide to and fro. No circuitry is involved; integral solid state technology gives amazingly clear results every time. Includes mini tripod mounting, ideal for long exposure shots and astronomical photography.

This might come in handy in a pinch for my digital camera, but the question is, how much does it distort the image.

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Via: The Red Ferret Journal » Zoom, zoom, zoom.

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