Friday, November 5

Publisher - a killer application for publishing MP3's to

Well, this is a follow up to my previous article. Apparently the stampeed to download and try out's new killer app has died down. You can now check out the screen snaps and download the application.

I must say this is pretty cool, for those of you who are not hip to what's going on with this has been offering free hosting to orginal content that is "copy left", which is to say has liberal sharing rights. Prior to this app it could take days or even weeks to get content online. It was a tedious process indeed. Now however this application promises to streamline the process to 24 hours. This is a huge deal for those who want to share their highres photo's, videos, or audio but lack the hosting and bandwidth. Or perhaps those who want to try their hand at audio and video blogging but don't have the capacity. Very cool indeed. Hopefully I'll be talking about this again in the coming weeks.

Killer CC App: The Publisher, beta version

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