Saturday, November 6

Lauging at Apple - Apple Afraid Of What You Might Say About Their Products

Tech dirt wrote such a great post about the Apple Store's new customer reviews tool that I thought I'd just steal it in it's entirity, but I'm also including a screen snap of the actual FAQ via This is just two hillarious.

'This one is a bit bizarre, but it does seem to confirm Apple's reputation for being serious about designing cool products, but never listening to what their actual customers tell them (Apple knows best...). They've apparently added the ability to rate products in the Apple store but not if they're built by Apple. Those products automatically get a five star rating because Apple thinks they're great, and how dare you suggest they might not be perfect. In fact, they basically say that in the explanation. While I do think Apple products are often great, the company has a bit to learn about listening to customers."

LINK: Techdirt: Apple Afraid Of What You Might Say About Their Products

Thanks Techdirt, you guys rock! Let me know if you think I'm a punk ass bitch and you want to sue my ass off. ;)

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