Tuesday, November 9

Chicago stuff - palmer house, urban coyotes and a retro lowes theatre?

Interesting post on chicagoist.com about the new Chicago Loews theatre. I'm not quite getting the picture posted with it though. Is this supposed to be a picture of it? I ended up digging around the web looking for other imagery to know avail.

"... On the plus side, we got to see the newly renovated Loews Theater at 600 N. Michigan. Actually, that wasn?t much of a plus. In addition to not being math majors we?re also not Tribune Architecture Critic Blair Kamen. But even we can see that all the new design isn?t going to win one of the least-liked chain theaters any new fans."

Link: Chicagoist: Extreme(ly Bad) Makeover

Coyotes in Chicago?

Aparently Chicago is having a problems with a growing coyote population, not just in the suburbs but in the urban areas. This is the first I've heard of such crazieness. I suppose it's a lot better than rats.

"They're out there chasing rabbits by the ornamental bushes by your house while you're watching the 10 o'clock news," said Bob Bluett, a wildlife biologist for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

There's even a pack in Lincoln Park, said coyote expert Stan Gehrt, a researcher at Ohio State University who has studied coyotes in Chicago for years, largely because the extensive county forest preserves make the area unique. Wildlife researchers also tracked one strolling down Michigan Avenue late one night.

Link: Chicago Tribune | Coyotes find that city life can suit them

Via: Chicagoist: Coyote Population Growing

... and finally the Palmer House Hilton is up for sale and Chicagoist has a great little post on it. It is Chicago's oldest and second largest hotel, was bought by Hilton in 1945 for $20 million and is expected to sell at $250 million.

Check it out: Chicagoist: Palmer House For Sale

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