Wednesday, October 13

the gang war in Rio — an amazing photologue

Rio is a fascinating place of contrast. This is way off the current events radar. It is in fact from back in early April of this year and does not in fact have much to do with my primary interests, but it was such a fascinating glimpse into the modern world of Rio I had to post it.

this from back on Apr. 13, 2004
EastSouthWestNorth: "More than 1,000 police stormed into two Rio shantytowns Monday, trying to halt a violent dispute among drug traffickers that has left at least 10 people dead.

Automatic weapons fire crackled as police swept through the Rocinha favela, or slum, and the nearby Vidigal slum -- both of which overlook the city's wealthiest neighborhoods and trendy beaches.

The drug war that erupted Friday has alarmed tourists and vacationers. The respected O Globo newspaper said guests at the beachfront Intercontinental Hotel were shocked to see red and blue tracer bullets streaking across the night sky."

I sumbled upon his at: Ethan Zuckerman's Weblog - My blog is in Cambridge, but my heart's in Accra. There are a bunch more articles worth reading off this link if you choose to read it.

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