Tuesday, October 12

The Blogger.com exedous from Google

Evan Williams, one of the original blogger.com crew, announced last week he was leaving Google. Evan was one of the founders of Pyra software that created blogger.com which was bought by google in February of 2003. None of the original blogger.com crew that founded Pyra five years ago now remain at Google.

Meg Hourihan (megnut.com), another founder of Pyra, had announced on September 14th that she was leaving the tech world to follow her passion for cooking and had become a chef at a Nantuket restraunt called Fifty-Six Union. She had been on sabbatical since May 21st

Cheers to Meg for daring to follow her passion. And good luck to Evan on finding a new project.

From geek to chef - megnut.com

evhead: Next?

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