Friday, September 24

Submitting Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" manifesto to

I just submitted the following proposal to after stumbling on Andrew Carnegie's "The Gospel of Wealth". I had to remove a word or two to meet there severe restrictions on submission length, but it's not bad.
topic(s): Business  Culture  
title: Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth, 1889

description: Andrew Carnegie (1835­1919) was a massively successful business man - his wealth was based on the provision of iron and steel to the railways, but also a man who recalled his radical roots in Scotland before his immigration to the United States. To resolve what might seem to be contradictions between the creation of wealth, which he saw as proceeding from immutable social laws, and social provision he came up with the notion of the "gospel of wealth". He lived up to his word, and gave away his fortune to socially beneficial projects, most famously by funding libraries. His approval of death taxes might surprise modern billionaires!

your bio: It's Andrew Carnegie, you know who he is. If URL below isn't of proper licensce there are many other sources. This work is in the public domain and it is in the very spirit of Let's get some historical manifesto's in here!

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