Friday, September 24

Follow up on "I Found Some Of Your Life — and now I'm blogging it."

Well, I found some of your life has disappointingly disappeared just as quickly as it appeared in the first place. It is clear that the owner of the blog had second thoughts, what is not clear is wether he was either contacted by the owner or the shocking success of the site scared him. I will dare say I personally thought the site was a great idea. After all there was no damaging material in it, mostly just silly pictures of people drinking bear and other boring stuff. It was the idea of writing yourself into a story around someone else's randomly found pictures which made the whole thing work. The pictures themselves were in fact referred to as otherwise boring by many parties.

So, the dust has settled, but the mystery may never be solved.

First, it is thought that at-least one of the people has been identified as a Kappa Delta at Vanderbelt. I dare not post the picture here and I suspect it will soon disappear, but you can compare for yourself the Vanderbilt picture with that posted on I believe there was much more conclusive evidence (such as corresponding sorority information and possibly a related football stadium) on the "i found some of your life" blog, but alas it has evaporated and as of yet no mirrors have surfaced.

Second, Engadgets take on it which, while somewhat likely and somewhat hilarious, I'm inclined to believe it is wrong.
Well, it appears the owner might have found out, because now everything is gone, poof. We expect a new moblog called ?I found this storage card, posted the pictures, and then got my ass kicked? coming from a hospital bed as soon as this dude gets out of his coma.
From I Found Some of Your Life, er, Now Give it Back - Engadget -

Third, the most likely and boring possibility as posted by a commentator to the slashdot article on the subject. The following was presumed to be the last post.
Monday, September 20, 2004
That's It

Sorry folks.

Contact: ifsoyl at

[Thank you for all of the emails. I took the site down pre-emptively. I have not yet heard from the owner of the card. I will try to let you know.

Let me be very clear that I never intended to hurt or embarrass anyone. While I understand that this is a somewhat naive position to maintain, you must understand that the scope of this project grew far beyond my expectations in a very short period of time.

That having been said, I would like to formally apologize to all of those who were unknowingly involved.

Finally - yes, the celebrity was Vanilla Ice.]

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