Saturday, September 18

I Found Some Of Your Life — and now I'm blogging it.

Ladies and gentlemen. We have a first. This may well be the most original act of blogging ever.
You are unknown to me.
Your camera's memory card was in a taxi; I have it now.
I am going to post one of your pictures each day.
I will also narrate as if I were you.
Maybe you will come here and reclaim this piece of your life.
The introduction: I Found Some Of Your Life: Introduction

The blog: I Found Some Of Your Life

I feel bad this is so wrong, but it's so good, but it's such a dirty little inside secrete, everyone in the world will soon be in on it, but what happens when one day the owner, only knows as Jordan, stumbles upon this site? This is better than any soap opera I never watched, any sitcom I ever missed, any reality TV show that was never my reality.

What does this say about blogging, about reality TV, about media, the internet? How long will it last? How big will it get? Is it legal, illegal? Moral, Immoral? All I really can say is it has instantaneously gone to the top of my daily blog reading. I'm held in suspense, I cannot wait to find out how this plays out.

Update: Best post avar! I Found Some Of Your Life: My Hat Makes Me Friends With God

For fun lets see how long it takes for this blog to become really, really popular. As of right now according to google there are only 47 links to it on the whole internet. Meanwhile in google news Engadget is the only site listing this blog. On a side note, how did Engadget get on google news? No fair. Engadget isn't "real news". I predict the popularity of this blog will grow slowly. I give it a week or two before it hit's any "real news" sources. I predict though before it's through it will have become a phenomon atleast only slightly less big than "we like the moon".

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