Thursday, September 2

Dancing forth in increasing numbers — dance protest a success

The spirit of this article and dance as a form protest are a thing of beauty. John Perry Barlow is a renegade fool that must be stopped before he infects the rest of the country with his good spirit, his anarchy, and the people actually start voting and taking charge of this democracy. :)

I hardly think one dancing fool or even a thousand is going to change democracy, but at least it's fun to do, fun to read about and fun to write about in the meantime.
I'm about to lead another sortie of dancing fools out into the streets of Manhattan, so I don't have time to provide a full report. But I want to dispatch some news from the field in media res.

...After four missions, Dancing in the Streets has exceeded my fondest expectations. It was my objective, as it usually is, that we afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, and this is what we have been doing by all appearances. We generally make the credentialed Republicans we encounter visibly nervous and spread good will and humor to most of the rest, including the police, who could well use it at the moment. People dig it when they see other people dancing in incongruous places. The most surprising people will join in, falling on the dance with a kind of hunger.

...In any case, this is such a wonderful experience that I believe I might turn it into a regular practice. I envision the dancing equivalent of Critical Mass, the bicycle action. Perhaps we could call it Critical Dance. I imagine gathering on, say, the second Friday of every month, and dancing forth in increasing numbers.
from BarlowFriendz: Dancarchy Reigns!

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