Friday, September 3

Bikes Against Bush — watch the whole incident as covered by MSNBC Hardball corespondant Ron Regan & listen to the Air America Radio intervie

Josh has posted the interview he was giving with Ron Regan for MSNBC Hardball when he got arrested on his blog in its entirety. It's excellent. Guilt or innocent. I think his invention and his excercise in free speach were a success. I'm just really disappointed that he may not get to demonstrate his bicycle this entire week. I really would have enjoyed following it as I believe millions of Americans would have wether Bush fans or not. In fact this is just the sort of positive protesting that we should be encouraging, not discouraging. In fact I wish there were some way to petition to have his bike released before the RNC is all over, but barring that I do recommend donating to his defense fund on his website.

The Video: Interview with Ron Reagan for MSNBC's Harball.

Interestingly enough he had not demonstrated his bicycle in the presence of the arresting officers or even that day, and although he was charged with defacement of property the printer uses water soluable chalk which was gone by the time he was released from jail 24 hours later. Ironically he was giving the interview over a previously written message that stated "America is a free speach zone." It appears fairly clear that he hadn't violated the law as there was no intent to damage property which is the basis of defacement law, but you don't have to take my word for it, read it yourself on Josh's blog: New York's Graffiti Laws

Also, In case you missed it there is another much more raw and uncut video perspective on the whole event from a non-professional or indy reporter. (I'm not entirely sure which.) Arrest Video on Bikes Against Bush This sort of web based coverage is unprecidented.

Also a great mp3 of his radio interview on Unfiltered with Lizz Winstead, Rachel Maddow, and Chuck D on Air America Radio.

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