Monday, August 9

"My Week with Fraggle Rock" — now out on DVD

I loved Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock, but truth be told I can't afford to just run out and buy every new DVD on the market. I just wanted Fraggle Rock on my blog home page for a while to make me smile. My friends all know I have no sense of humor so I stole this one from ;)

"Well, wouldn't you know it! All this time, we've been saying that Henson should put out Fraggle Rock DVD's, and all this time, they've been acting like putting out Fraggle Rock DVD's was just the hardest thing in the world. Oh, we couldn't possibly! they'd say, putting up their feet on the desk. In this weather? Don't be a fool. We'd have to go up to the attic and dig through all the boxes just to find the things, and then we'd have to drag them downstairs, dust them off, digitize them, rejigger the video transfer and cross-fade the mono tracks. Then we'd have to put them on DVD's, and after all that work, who'd buy them? You, and your six sad little friends, that's who. It's hardly even worth getting up for, they'd sigh, and then they'd put their heads down for a long nap. Poor dears, we really worked them to the bone, didn't we? No wonder they looked so tired all the time.

And then, just as they were settling in and really getting used to never making any money ever again in their lives, the company ran into some kind of mysterious financial trouble. I blame evil spirits, personally, either evil spirits or street gangs."

Tough Pigs -- My Week with Fraggle Rock

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