Sunday, August 8

The Green Hummer Project — For a "cleaner, greener" today!

Alternative transportation is a topic very central to my being. I can think of few topics more deserving of advocacy, and as such no more positive and effective a statement than bicycling. It's fun, it's good for you, it's good for the environment, and it's wholly positive. As such this project is a strong statement, it is effective and it is discrete. Kudos to the crew and creators of the Green Hummer Project. I wish I could take a trip down to Savannah just to ride with you guys.
"This bicycle is an attempt to make large numbers of people reconsider the ways that they move around their cites. Our SUV is the opposite of modern consumer culture, an anti-commercial. We want people to think independently of the corporations who program their televisions. We want people to see our pedal-powered, life-size Green Hummer cruise around a real city, and think about the contrast between advertising and the real world.

In advertising, cities are lifeless, cars are safe, drivers are happy, gas is clean, and you are not responsible whatsoever for traffic, pollution, your weight, the marring of our landscapes, or war.

Our SUV is for the real world.
— via James Wagner's blog
A simple, friendly, healthy and cleaner today.
"Our SUV is healthy, friendly, non-polluting, simple, inexpensive, fun, and socially responsible.

There are no black tinted windows to hide us from view. No air conditioning to further isolate us from the outside. No gas tank to fill and fill and fill. No greenhouse gasses pouring from the exhaust pipe. No frustration, no yelling, no honking, no road rage. No clocks to set, no alarm to annoy, no menus to scroll through. No video game system, dvd player, or GPS system. No 'we own the road', 'get out of our way', 'don't slow us down' mentality."
— via J-Walk Blog
"Green Hummer Busted!"
No not really. During the G8 summit the Green Hummer Crew got a visit from the local police. What did they want? Pictures!

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