Sunday, July 11

Wi-Fi, by Rail, Bus or Boat

The NY Times has an article on a topic close to my heart, internet access on train, bus or boat. As a person who loves to travel by Amtrak I'm extremely interested in how bringing internet access to mid range commuter trains like the Chicago Metra and Amtrak could transform the business class travel marketplace. Flying is such an interruption to the business day. Even besides the travel time to the airport, security and stress that automatically add 2-3 hours to any business flight it is still likely that you will never have clear and open communications and contact while in the air. Rail on the other hand could end up being an extension of the office. Imagine the view from your semi-private office as you keep in touch and keep up on the news and events. I already have a wireless internet service that gives me full internet access while I travel, but a dedicated WiFi point on the train could make traveling by train all that much more enjoyable and viable.

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > Destination Wi-Fi, by Rail, Bus or Boat

Also, a related NY Times article on the progress or lack of progress in bringing WiFi to commuter rail.

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > Access on Metro-North or Amtrak Cars? Not So Fast

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