Friday, March 16

Microsoft PSA: Internet Explorer, still only good for downloading other browsers

It's called inertia, and it's what the crew at Microsoft is trying to overcome. For the past 17 years, Internet Explorer has been little more than meme fodder and a litmus test of whether you knew how to navigate the web [...] Fortunately, Microsoft knows how to poke fun at itself, and the company's latest ad campaign fundamentally screams: our product's no longer awful, so please use it for something other than downloading another browser.

It's been a while since I posted about something in the tech world. Several people have mentioned to me microsoft's new commercials for IE9. My first reaction upon seeing one on TV yesterday was "WHY?! Hasn't this ship already sailed?" Seriously I thought the browser wars were over. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or anything you want to use... just as long as it's not IE. LOL.

So, yes, yes I will laugh along with M$ at it's own aweful history. Let's let bygone be bygones, but the only reason we can let them be bygone is because of alternatives. I now use a ubiquitous mix of mac, Android, chrome, firefox, open office and other non-microsoft products.

Due M$ security essentials I'm a lot less annoyed by others asking me to deal with there M$ problems... but let's face it I'm never ever going to suggest anyone ever install IE again, nor do anything but use it to install another browser.

Short of M$ paying me back for hundreds of hours of my life removing viruses (and necessarily IE) from friends, family and coworker's computers over the years that ship has sailed. If M$ wants to throw good money after bad I'm more then willing to laugh along... but really I am not laughing with M$, I'm laughing at it. Thank god we're past the I.E. era. Let's take what we've learned and never go back there.

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