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(good) s**t @garyvee says and other thoughs on social media



S**t Gary V of the now "old hat" social media startup Wine Library TV ( says:

"Saying hello doesn't have an ROI."


"The internet is only 15 years old. It hasn't even had sex yet and already it's dominating."

Actually gary I believe the saying is "What came first your first kiss or your first program? If it's the former and not the latter then it's too late, get out of the game and go into management instead."

Apparently the saying goes for new media as well.

"The brands that can connect with clients in a real way will win."


"It's ridiculous that we are being asked to justify the ROI of social media when traditional media metrics are full of S**T"

Who doesn't plan their entire marketing and advertising strategy based on CTR (click through rates) and CPI (cost per impression)?? bahumbug!

Next you'll be telling me in order to market a small business I shouldn't be paying for advertising at all.

What's next? Should I actually start communicating with my customers online... online conversation... in open and public forums? Sounds dirty, risky and inexcuseable to me.

That's crazy talk.

/end sarcasm

Public conversations, forums / discussion boards and mailing lists have now been "the marketplace" for going on ten years and yet many small business owners who pay people $10-15/hour to talk to people on their showroom floor still won't pay $1 to have people speak to their customers online.

"It you're just doing social media to keep up with the Joneses - DON'T"

"If you do not care about your end user immensely your brand will die."

What more need be said on social media marketing.

It's not "marketing" in the traditional sense of the world at all. It is customer relations. It is basic customer service. It just happens to be public and online instead of in your business and on your showroom floor.

Social media "marketing" is no different, absolutely no different, than having a conversation with a customer in your store except that you're having that conversation online, and in public so that other people can participate in it.

And having that conversation online means that when you speak, even if you're only speaking with one person, dozens if not hundreds or thousands of new potential customers could be tuning in.

To put an ROI on that is ridiculous... but yeah... if you want to you can, maybe you should... the same way you look at the sales of an employee on the showroom floor, but I think you'll find if your business model makes a lick of sense that you're going to get a far bigger ROI spending a little time communicating with your customers online then in the store.

I think it hillarious to start this post with a common acronym, LOL. Especially since there really are people out there, maybe even my own mom, who think it means Lots of Love. I just give them the anecdot "If someone facebooks that their dog or their grandma died do not respond 'LOL' and you'll be AOK."

I remember when I used to spend several hours a day keeping up on the tech happenings. Indeed I remember when I used to spend all day, day after day keeping up on and working on tech happenings.

These days however I'm lucky if I pop open the web browser once a week other then to check the email or the weather on my cell phone.

Everytime I sit down to browse the web for objective-less fun (as opposed to using it like an infromational grab bag / appliance) I'm constantly amazed by all the new startups. Indeed even startups that create startups like

I just stumbled on

Crowd sourced photojournalism.

Wow, I remember dreaming about this back in the days when Quokka Sports and were trying to make a new type of extreme sports journalism, back before we even coined terms like crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, and now here it is.

Photojournalist are reaching out directly with only the thinest of 3rd party organization... really just a panel of their peers... to pitch projects, raise funds, pay their own salary and fund their next photojournalistic story.

Want to travel to siberia to do a phtographic expose on the carribou people? Well now you can pitch it, but of course you better be prepared to show that you know your s**t, this crowdsourcing startup is not aimed at amateurs.

So, my only question is where's the startup for crowdfunding videojournalism, what about documentary films?  And why stop at crowdsourcing for 'professional' photojournalists? Amateur is not a dirty word. After all everyone was once an amateur. It's the budding amateurs who do it for love not money that need our help.  And they who are going to be tomorrows professionals.

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