Wednesday, February 22

Tommy Godwin: 75,065 miles in a year

Godwin passed Nicholson's record on the October 26, 1939, with two months and five days to spare. Bennett achieved this distance nearly a month later, then climbed off his bike and answered the call to war. Godwin was allowed to continue, and on December 31, 1939 he'd racked up a massive 75,065 miles.

But Tommy wasn't content to settle with that - he continued riding until May 14, 1940, setting the record for the time taken to 100,000 miles - within 500 days.

Godwin's achievement was legendary beyond cycling fans. He met royalty, appeared on television, was interviewed by Richard Dimbleby for radio, and lent his image to advertising posters. The ride had taken its toll, though; Godwin required a period of rehabilitation to learn to walk normally and uncurl his hands. Yet within weeks he was serving his country in the RAF.

Quite simply put the ultimate feet in endurance cycling. While the current big records like round the world attempts stand at 160 or so days for about 18k miles Godwin did 75k in 365 days. A nearly incomprehensible 200+ miles a day. With mileage often in access of 300 miles a day. Rain, sleet or snow, in brittain, with only one day off for the entiire year.

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