Thursday, July 28

Some Tour Divide Questions & Answers with Justin Simoni


Kent Petersen aka. Mountain Turtle's interview with Justin Simoni is absolutely the best single interview I've read on the tour divide. Justin attempted to do the whole 2700 mile divide route this year without taking any reroutes / alternates despite record snowfalls and nearly succeeded succombing to a taco'd wheel and shoulder injury only 120 miles from his goal. He was one of the many colorful characters that made the tour divide such an exceptionally great race to follow this year.

One small excerpt: "Q: Did you have any exciting animal encounters?

A: The most exciting animal encounters were the bear prints on the road up Flathead Pass - the first really snowed in pass. There wasn't one part of the track that wasn't covered in them. The forest is so dense up there, that all the animals take to the road to travel themselves. If there wasn't bear prints, there was bear scat, if there wasn't bear scat, there was the scattered plume of some animals fur or feathers from a successful kill. The pattern was sustained through the entire snowed in part. I didn't even have bear mace."

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