Tuesday, January 25


Photos can not capture the moment, only words. I shall have to find a better typing tool then this touch screen phone in the future. Sitting Indian style in front of the fire, the rain has slowed, dry and comfortable in my rain gear sitting on the open ground back against a log, hot tea on my left, one of my rare cigars on my right. A nalgene full of boiling water in my bivy roll keeping it warm in my tent awaiting sleep. Stomach full of dinner of instant mash potatoes, peporoni and cheese. Rain drips, a small stream trickled down rocks 20 feet away. I'm not 150 yards from the parkway, hope they can forgive me from taking shelter from the storm in this hollow of pines and laurel, it came early. Later it will turn to freezing rain and the perhaps continue in the morning as snow. Five inches or so are expected. I may be doing a lot of walking tomorrow.

160 more miles until Asheville. I could do it in 3 days if the weather were nice, but thankfully it isn't. Mother nature is the boss this time of year on the parkway.

BTW, it is funny btw that I can have zero bars and yet 3G access.

Good night.

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