Wednesday, March 4

Stoudt's Abominable Ale

I found the perfect ale for winter touring to go with the perfect pannier rack I blogged about yesterday.

Practically speaking, this is brewed in Pennsylvania. Not sure how hard or easy it is to get a hold of (shipping? distributors?) but I definitely am going to try.

Discovered via Flickr.

Update: Hot damn, I just checked out Stoudt's distribution. They have one distributor in Kalamazoo Michigan (Imperial Beverage), one (Winds Café) just north of Xenia Ohio (the central hub of the Ohio bike touring metaverse), one just west of Columbus Ohio (Premium Beverage Supply), and best of all one of my favorite taverns of all the Winking Lizard located in Peninsula Ohio in the heart of the Cuyahoga National Forest just along the superb Cuyahoga path.

This is a winter bear though, so I think I'm going to have to get a move on and do some winter touring before it gets to nice outside. Truth be told I was already planing something, this is just a most excellent excuse. :)

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