Monday, February 2

A day out cycling in 1955 (video)

Love this video. It was produced by the British Transport Film in 1955 to illustrate a day out cycling.

Cyclist Special - part one

For me the first minute or two illustrate all the things I dream might exist, and hopefully one day will exist, in our national and regional commuter rail systems.

It shows how many of the issues with cycles on a train were resolved over 50 years ago. Particularly how the use of bike cars allow pedestrians to enter bike specific cars, hang their bikes with the help of an attendant and move through the inside of the train to a seating car. Every detail is covered right down to staggering the bike hanging hooks so more bikes can be fit in without entanglement of the handlebars.

part two is available here

Also of related interest is this British Rail TV advert from the 1970's. It's the classic bike vs. car scenario.

British Rail UK TV Advert 1970s

Via: The Epicurean Cyclist

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