Thursday, January 25

Google Video to re-focus on web wide video search

Wow, this is big news that changes the video search space dramatically.

From GigOM NewTeeVee - Google Video Transitions to Video Search

Google writes today on its official blog that Google Video “[will evolve] into a service where you can search for the world’s online video content, irrespective of where it may be hosted.” That doesn’t mean Google has disabled uploads or taken down currently hosted videos, just added a second source to the Google Video search engine.

I've long noted that while google's core mission has been to make sense out of the ENTIRE world wide web that they'd foresaken this focus when it came to video and instead of focusing on web wide video search opted to create their own walled garden(s) with google video and Youtube thus leaving a huge whole in search, a hole yahoo video search is trying to fill.

The news is today that Google will be changing the direction of google video to focus on video search for the entire world wide web. I don't know wether to say "yipee" or be sad. On the one hand everyone stands to benifit from google's work in making sense out of the mediated web, on the other the value of a lot of innovators in video search just went down... unless google goes on a second buying spree that is to catch back up to yahoo in the web wide video search. Actually, come to think of it, I'm not sure how this will effect many search innovators in the video space. I guess for most pre-established players they've probably gotten a lot more valueable. For those not already established they're going to have a tougher time establishing themselves.

What is really interesting here though is that google has gotten sued several times for both their image search and news search in the past and has yet to generate any direct revenue from them with advertising. The theory was copyright issues were the reason they hadn't entered the web wide video search space, and indeed the legal perils in media search are much higher then even image and news search. So we shall see.

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