Wednesday, January 10

Everyone is a winner in web 2.0

The face of rejection.

Greetings, Michael!

Thanks so much for submitting to JPG Magazine Issue 8. We received 6,914 photos by 4,129 people for this issue - the most ever. The editors and the community have spent the last few weeks reviewing them. 422,346 votes were cast by 11,225 people. There was so much great work - it wasn't easy.

You submitted:

""big baby"" to Tourist

We're sorry to inform you that your work was not chosen for publication in this issue. We know you put a lot of time and effort into it, and we appreciate it. Sometimes truly awesome photos don't get selected because they're not quite right for the theme, or don't quite fit in the magazine. Please don't be discouraged.

And remember, there's always another theme to submit to, and we hope to see your work in the running again! We're currently accepting submissions for Issue 9 on the themes: Street, 9 to 5, and Elegance. View, vote, and submit now!

Thanks again,

-- Derek, Heather, and Team JPG

That's ok, I've still got Flickr! Everyone is a winner in web2.0(TM). :)

Palace of Fine Arts 3 (by MichaelMeiser)

Besides I've also been published mulitple times in Schmap!

P.S. JPGmag! I most love exclamation. Thanks JPG mag! It's OK, I'm just glad you had the honesty to tell me. Golly you're swell!


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