Thursday, December 14

vlogosphere needs more independant verification

From: Frank Barnako: Technorati follow-up

Technorati?s doing the best it can. While Google Analytics (GOOG), Alexa, Podtrac, Feedburner ? the list goes on ? each have their own technologies and are also making efforts to measure what?s going on. Which convinces me there is a huge opportunity for somebody to wrestle this metric reporting monster to the ground. While Nielsen/NetRatings (NTRT) and ComScore have rocket scientists working on Web traffic tools, features like RSS and podcasts and blogs have exploded. And there appears to be no third-party, verifiable resource for measuring them all. Yet.

I've been saying this about the videobloging space in particular for a long time.

Needs more independant data veritification and ratings companies.

Speaking purely from a business sense if you want a marketplace to evolve, say an advertising marketplace, you're going to need more than just a technoratti rating, or some unverified traffic stats.

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