Saturday, December 23

Don't anger the Amanda!

This is a follow up from my last post about Amanda Congdon's new video based thingy on ABC which got some heat. While that's clearly a failure as a web based tool for video communications it rests soley on the sholders of ABC. They do Amanda and themselves an injustice. On the other hand amanda's new vlog Starring Amanda Congdon rules and is a fine example of what a vlog should be. I loved her latest post about Time Magazine declaring "you" the people of the year.

"People of the Year"

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Original post on December 22, 2006 from Starring Amanda Congdon: (RSS feed)
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Best line, "This is not a television show. Please don't make amanda mad by calling this TV."

Amanda was one a complete newb to the blogging vlogging and the tech space in general, but since that time she's really embraced the people and the culture and she really gets what it's all about, which is not about simply TV or entertainment. It's about connecting people.

And I really hope ABC get's clued in that you can't just slap a video in a pop up window and expect success and viewership. This isn't TV... the audience isn't captive. The infinite distractions of the web demand that video on the web be open and accessible and there are MANY many mechanisms most of which come from blogging that help keep viewers keep up with a vlog, not just RSS. Again for that see my last post about Amanda on ABC.

ABC, clue up! Amanda, keep rocking! ... and PLEASE clue in ABC.

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