Friday, September 1

When conversations comingle

I've been riffing on finding new ways to structure conversation in the blogosphere to make it more easily followable and readable. One of those core ideas is create aggregators of conversation... these aggregators would go beyond technoratti to mine the web for permalinks to tie together the thread of conversation as it moves from post to post and even comment to comment. One day you'll be able to discover of blog/vlog post of interest and within a single click see all those posts that have come after it and all those posts which have come before it... even all the comments inbetween. These will be the conversation aggregators of the future.

To share a little of the sentiment from some discussions I've been having to encourage

One day we?ll be able to follow the conversation from blog post to blog post and comment to comment across the entire blogosphere.

I see co.mments future as a tracker and aggregator of conversations.

As of yet the conversation still exists in the BBS?s the and on in the comments of sites like NYTimes. however the blogosphere and services like co.mmments will gradually gobble these old corporate hierchies up and allow the reorganization of conversation in brilliant new ways. One of which is that conversations will no longer be tied to the brand or corporation?s domain space which sponsored them. Words and comments from all over the web and hence world will intermingle in natural threads. You?ll have only to favor or filter your favorite places of discussion wether that be slashdot and metafilter, or your favorite blogs?. and filter by language? or even geography to see what people are saying near you.

Threaded conversations like tagging, and trusted models like blogging (before them) will become a major new facet aka. dimension of the internet.

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