Thursday, August 10

Random thoughs on social media

Notes summed up from multiple conversation with friends over the last couple days.

Some things you should know.

1) Screw TV. Video blogging is not like TV or Film. If there is a revolutionary idea behind new media it's that it's simply personal communication that just so happen to be public.

2) Screw entertainment. While it's fun and all to be entertaining, vlogging, like blogging is not soley about entertainment. It is about communication not entertainment.

3) Screw "monetization". Blogs, video blogs, audio podcasts and photo-casts are about sharing, collaborating, and communicatng. New media is NOT not about making money directly. First and foremost social media is about Social Capital.

New media is about connectivity, mobility, visibility, trust, shared history and many, many other factors that connect you to your peers, friends, and family.

Sure social media like video blogging can be used for entertainment and advertising... but WHY? The return on investment simply in participating in new media is the greatest ROI you'll ever find.

Social media is about connecting like minded people... the "monetization" is in what you do with these people after you connect with them.

4) Screw advertising... Unless it is your object to entertain and appeal to the masses by creating "entertainment" or a "show" then putting advertising on your social media makes about as much sense is putting advertising on your phone conversations with your MOM. Spare your mom and spare your friends. Friends don't spew advertising at friends.

5) It's not JUST about video. New media is about communication... as such it's about communicating whatever way you can, whatever medium best suits your message and your needs. Communicate any way possibke. Use photography, sketch it, write about it, talk about it, make videos. Every form of media has it's purpose and its place. Media is the new language of the mases.

It's about audio podcasting, blogging, photo-sharing and video blogging... use them all... IM, phone, email too.. and don't forget the importance of meeting people in the real world and shooting the shit over a beer. New media doesn't work simply in isolaton.

6) About fidelity, "quality", and perfection. Remeber... it's not about the medium, it's about the conversation. All these media are simply facets of a whole system of communication that connect you with those around you.

Unless it is your objective to simply be entertainment and appel to people who could give a crap less about who you are and what you're interested in don't obsess over the media. You're friends, family and peers will enjoy and follow your grainy, scratch low fedelity self just the same as the high-fidelity you. They will enjoy it just because it's YOU and because of what you have to say... not because just because you're a beautiful blond with big... Be an original. Be you.

I think that pretty much sums up the issues of the day in a nice little package. I'm sure I missed a few points... and it could have been shorter... but you know what.... screw perfection. :)

Disclaimer: Screw proofreading too. :)



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