Tuesday, August 8

An audio podcast about monetizing video blogging

I've been catching up on a few podcast the last couple days and have been very pleased to hear some of the interesting debate that came out of the Blogher conference, particularly on how to turn new media into a day job.

At conferences one of the biggest underlying issues is always how to keep the debate going. As such I'm very pleased that Zadi Diaz and her (new) hubby Steve Woolf have decided to start a new podcast. The primary topic at hand... turning video blogging into something more than a hobby.

On a side note, if you think this podcast was "too long" or "not well enough produced"... then I guess it isn't for you, because I thought it was freaking great and right on the money. Though I do think that Zadi and Steve will refine their creaft I very much enjoyed the meandering conversational format.. it works well for podccasting. Make no mistake about this, podcasting is NOT radio. It's something altogether different and I encourage Zadi and Steve to do whatever makes them happy just as long as they keep it going.

Thanks Zadi and Steve! I'm already waiting for your next episode.

BTW, I think others from the vlogosphere should take this as a great example of how simple it is to put some theory out there and how important and useful it is... everyone should be sharing their thoughts.

I'd love to do a categorical breakdown of the episode, but right now, let's just say the primary focus is on the major advertising players (like rever) and major advertising techniques for video blogging. It's standard "best practices" talk and I for one am very glad to here it.

Again, thanks Zadi and Steve, congrats on your marriage, and keep the podcasts coming.

001 - An audio podcast about videoblogging. Huh. (0:47:41)

From: New Mediacracy: An audio podcast about videoblogging. Huh.

Featuring Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf from their Los Angeles apartment.

After some deliberation, we decided to record our thoughts about videoblogging and the future of making money through videoblogging.

Please note that this is a temporary URL while we set up newmediacracy.com!!!

In this podcast, we introduce ourselves, talk about how we got involved in videoblogging, discuss the current ad revenue models, and drink a bottle of wine.

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