Sunday, August 27

"media does not converge"

A superb post from Media Nipple. I think their commentary is smack on. Superb. All I can say is Newscorp is planning on selling downloadable movies for $19.99!? Ha!

DRM, unburnable... junk. Every major content company is just insane, the majority of these services are going to fail straight away. However we must look on the bright side. They've finally come to a point where the can no longer afford to ignore the market for digitally shipped content. The demand is to high. Atleast they're all starting to put a foot in the game.

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Original post, from Media Nipple - Visual Communication:

One false media theory is that of convergence. Media does not converge – it mutates into ever more varieties. Old media does not die, it moves over to make room for more. (Click image - and links below - to view Quicktime video.) MySpace will not die, it will now ADD movies to its repertoire. YouTube will not die, it will add music videos available for download. This is the pathway of all media. In a mediated world, citizens are awash in ever widening communication possibilities. Books will not die, they will also migrate to the internet. TV news will not die, it will also be available on iTunes. What is happening here? What comes next? Who can watch, listen, learn? Remember this: Information is not wisdom. Entertainment is not knowledge. And a mediated world is no substitute for the real thing. Keep your wallet in your pocket – and go outside for a walk. Consider visual literacy and grow better media communication. tags: VLOG visual LITERACY television MEDIA communication CULTURE

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