Thursday, July 20

Senator Ted Stevens? InterTubes

Senator Ted Stevens? InterTubes
Senator Ted Stevens? InterTubes
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How can you not blog something like this.

To better demonstrate the theory of how information travels online, Senator Ted Stevens has teamed up with research scientists from Helsinki to develop a series of InterTubes - the world's first Internet data floatation devices.

When submerged in ethernet liquid, InterTubes will carry passengers safely across any type of digital divide. Stevens is quite proud of his invention, claiming that they took "enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material" to complete. With this new system, the young Senator hopes that your personal internets will no longer be delayed.

Stevens also claims that his InterTubes will be delivered on "big trucks" in time for the 2006 holiday shopping season. Net profits are projected to be in the gigabit range - should analysts remain neutral.

Next up for the Stevens development team: an Internet Cerfboard.

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I've been seeing these in Chris Pirillo's Flickr feed for weeks... and they just keep getting more hilarious. I'm not even sure what the back story on this is, but they seem to be done by resident blogger, napkin artist, and business card cartoonist Hugh Macleod and they seem to employ an innovative new take on sponsorship by

The first time I referenced one of these cartoons was about 4 posts ago over the Amanda Unboomed / Rocketboom scandal. Scarry stuff that was. :)



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