Thursday, July 20

NBC, clueless is business as usual

Proving once again that they're market savy enough to capitalize on the recent PR of Rocketboom, but to clueless to "get it"... CBS launches a "vlog" that really doesn't have anything to do with vlogging. (1, 2, 3)

You know.. it's a web page and it has video on it... so... yeah, that must be a "vlog" right?

Save yourself any further distraction, tells you everything you need to know.

Rocketboom, The Show and other daily news vlogs are getting some serious company, a daily news vlog from NBC.

The Early Nightly is hosted Brian Williams, who has had a blog since May of 2005. The new vlog looks to be an attempt by NBC to tap into the growing audience for vlogs and video podcasts.

Unfortunately, at this time the 'vlog' is hobbled by the fact that it (1) doesn't have a video podcast feed, (2) the site isn't compatible with Firefox, (3) entries aren't archived and (4) viewers must sit through a 30 second ad to see the video.

I smell huge success.

Watch out Andrew, NBC's got a Rocketboom killer if I ever saw one. It's going to be coming your way one pair of eyeballs at a time.

Thanks Podcasting news for hitting the nail on the head. I love it when I'm not the only one standing around snickering. Now we can all enjoy the inside joke together. And by "inside" I mean between me, my friend Andrew, and few hundred thousand of my friends in the blog-o-shere, vlog-o-sphere and podcast-o-sphere.

I really hope Andrew catches onto this. I'd really think they should be covering this news of their inevitable demise at the hands of NBC.

Thank you NBC for making me laugh.

NBC, clueless.

Me, sarcastic.

All is right in the world. ;)

Keep em coming NBC.

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