Wednesday, March 15

Zen and the art of media in the global village

Let's just call this this media theory zen. I'm sick of the old boring media rant. Thank god we have people like Ryan North at to bring it all home in a fresh perspective.


My two cents? What you thought you might escape for once? :)

To me, this comic is all about the infinite variety of taste, the infinite market for it, and now, finally an inifinite capacity in the ether.

No longer must we settle on what TV, radio and newspapers offers us.

We are free to make and consume and LOVE all manner of art and media, as is the case here.

Who ever thought childhood love love of dinasaurs and my adult love of disruptive media threory would come together in such a beautiful way. Had it been left up to so called professionals, the suits, the executives, the script writers, and the traditional institutions of print, radio and TV such beautiful art as this would never be made and never truely be appreciated as it can be in new media... blogging, podcasting and video blogging.

The channels are now as infinite as the capacity of those whom are participating.

Thanks for the heads up Bullemhead! :)

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